Mountain Home For Sale in Santiago on 1.25 Acres

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Mountain Home For Sale in a great location

If you seek a  Costa RicaMountain Home for sale that most people are looking for, check this out…. 

  • Good quality home
  • Under $200,000
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Gated
  • Low HOA fees ($25 per month)
  • Low taxes (approximately $275 annually)Now!
  • 1.25 acres of land
  • Ten minutes to all you need
  • Thirty-five more to Escazu (the capital)
  • Views

Where to Retire in Costa Rica

Fist, use the checklist above and check all boxes.  Next, find a place that doesn’t have the high-traffic. Consider healthier lifestyles where you can grow your own fruits and veggies, keep a few hens and even a horse for riding. Look for the best climate with low humidity in a very scenic mountain area.

A Really good Value Costa Rica Home for sale

This is an exceptional property in Santiago de Puriscal as it has 2365 square feet on 1.25 acres in a quiet community and near to al you will ever need.    It is hard to find Costa Rica Properties For Sale like this one anywhere.

If one can find a Costa Rica Home for sale close to a town like this and with all these amenities, then it should be place it high on he list for a retirement location.

Home features

• Double garage
• Large patio
• Central Valley views
• In a 70-acre coffee plantation
• Located in Bajo Burgos
• 6KM east of Santiago de Puriscal
• Quiet and peaceful
1 hour Escazu or Santa Ana
• 1 hour to the Pacific Ocean
1 hour to the international airport
• Walking trails

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See the town of Santiago

Where to Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica presents many very good options.  Choose from the beach, mountain, city and, inland locations.  A good location depends on your personal financial situation and objectives.  Many beach areas come with a premium in cost to live in CostaRrica as well as high humidity weather.  For many, this is an anon issue.  If you fit into the budget constraint group, you may wish to look seriously at this offering.

Cost to live in Costa Rica

This home is located in a lower cost of living area.  This is fueled by lower taxes, low maintenance, and HOA fees. It is a very popular agriculture area promoting gardens and farmer markets.

Costa Rica Properties For Sale

A Mountain Home For Sale with one acre of coffee


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