Retire in Costa Rica with all your needs satisafied

See the perfect scenario to find the best retirement options under $150,000

A perfect retirement location is not always easy to find unless one has a large budget. A number of questions have to be answered to see how to retire in Costa Rica comfortably.

Typical questions I receive from those wishing to retire in Costa Rica

  • I want to downsize
  • It  has to be gated
  • I need land around me
  • Up to $150,000 max
  • I don’t want high HOA fees nor taxes
  • I want to grow fruits and veggies
  • I want to lower my cost of living
  • A view will be nice
  • I want services nearby
  • Need health service nearby

How would you like to find a beautiful location that answers all the above?

As you may appreciate, finding a place like this may be difficult especially at this budget level.  We have a great project of 50 properties, with 20 lots sold, 8 homes sold and it is ready to grow.  Here is a perfect example of  a place to retirer ion Costa Rica comfortably

A nice home

How to retire in Costa Rica Commfortably
Santiago Puriscal Home 2/2 Gated On 1/2 acre of land
2 baths, 2 bdrm single story –

A nice place

How to retire in Costa Rica Commfortably

20% down
3 years at 6%
No prepayment penalty

A very good quality home in a peaceful popular area, Bajo Burgos. Close to all life needs and close to the capital.
A Secure, Quiet and Beautiful Area
This home is priced right and has nice land around it. You are only 10 minutes to Santiago de Puriscal. Find supermarkets, banks, hospital, shops, restaurants and much more.
Loads of room for fruit trees and vegetables. Add a couple of small cabins for income as the location is excellent.
If you retire in Costa Rica you will find many microclimates.  Here you will find low humidity and springlike climate all year.

It is a move-in ready and can be occupied immediately. This house sits on a large piece of land in the middle of a coffee plantation. It is a 1.25-acre parcel. All appliances are included.

A quiet community with a superb location.
• Gated community
• 70-acre coffee plantation
• 6KM east of Santiago de Puriscal
• Quiet and peaceful
• 1 hour to Escazu
• 1 hour to Pacific ocean
• Walking trails

Retire in Costa Rica in this environment

How to retire in Costa Rica Commfortably

This is a great location, one of the best climates in Costa Rica, 10 minutes to a large town to supply you with everything you need, only 40 minutes more to the capital, A fairly new hospital is located in Santiago with good services.  The living cost is low,  enjoy healthy lifestyles here s well.

Other low humidity towns you may wish to see… These are also popular locations to retire in Costa Rica.

Lake Arenal



San Ramon 



Ask for an area tour and come see the home.

The Property information HERE

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Come, retire in Costa Rica – live happier, healthier, longer and more cheaply.

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