Single Story For Sale in General Viejo, General Viejo

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•  single story FOR SALE  USD425,000 .

This Farm is located just 30 minutes from San Isidro del General this property bathes in the waters in its own creek, together with swimming holes for you to enjoy your own pool in nature. The current use is for agriculture and leisure. The soils are suitable, for almost all types of legumes and fruit trees. After this year 2020, has left us a lesson in life…producing our own sustainable land, has become a worldwide trend and some consider life like this, “THE PERFECT LIFE. The Earth and water are two elements that this property gives you to make a self-sustainable life suitable. It can be conceived as having a hotel, solar or hydroelectric energy. . Also a self-sustainable community project with permaculture, could be a reality. Just dream of your life project and make it come true, where water and fertile soils meet your imagination.

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