Cheap Costa Rica Development Properties

Cheap  Costa Rica Development Properties

Price, Quality and, Service

Pick 2 out of the three because it doesn’t compute all three if you expect to earn a decent return.  That doesn’t mean you need to give up.  Often a little compromise is the best approach. to buy  Cheap  Costa Rica Development Properties.  Read on…..


This is the Ultimate Guide On How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate

Everything is timing, being in the right place and, having the funds at your disposal.  If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with people marketing properties in the area of interest, you will be considered early when good deals arise. There are many regions to consider when buying Costa Rica Development Properties.  Here is a simple but excellent case for a safe and successful purchase.

Here is a real sampling of only 2 of the 3,  (PRICE  AND QUALITY)

Costa Rica Development Properties



Offered at $395K about $50K per lot.
Just submit your plan and build it.

Costa Rica Development Properties

What is Missing  – SERVICE
OR, IS IT.???  Consider the location of the property.  – From the Atenas exit (the most popular retirement location) on highway 27, continue 10 minutes more and, turn into the project.

Atena, the very popular retirement location, is is all out of quality, large homesites.  More, you cannot build on a new lot as the water situation has reared it’s ugly head.  Permits are not being granted/ for any new construction on vac and lots.

Summary – So we only got Price and Quality.  As you can see, a little compromise by going 10 minutes further, we sneak Service in the back door.

People love this area. It is close to the Pacific beaches, Escazu in the capital with world-class healthcare and every kind of shopping restaurants and bars.  The international airport is only about 40 minutes as well.


Is Costa Rica Real Estate a good investment?

To answer this consider the following…

If you can buy the 8 large Homesites 10 minutes past the very exit to the very popular town of Atenas and 40 minutes top the Pacific Beaches, 30 minutes to world-class healthcare, major shopping, and International Airport then,

Do the math

  • If you offer the lots at $100,000 in a market that still demands this quality of homesite and amenities
  • You earn approximately $350K net in less than 2 years or less.,

With a little patience and if you buy cheap Costa Rica Development Properties, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Apart from the large brand Costa Rica is worldwide, that alone does not ensure a good investment.  All the norms have to be applied to astute investing in Costa Rica like elsewhere in the world.  If you seek Costa Rica Retirement,  there are many benefits here as opposed to many other destinations. For more on this, you may wish to take advantage of our free interview that will help identify is Costa Rica Is Right For You.  Toll-free for appointment 1 888 581 1786.  This can be very helpful and full of information.

If you like the idea of owning a Costa Rica Vacation Property, this is an excellent option. We have many great regions and towns and in one of these, you will find your perfect fit.  If you are new and need help to find a vacation home, use this form.  We make it easy as we are countrywide.

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a countrywide full-service Real Estate Company serving all regions. This has been our business model since 2001.

Costa Ricva Development Propertieswhere to retire in costa rica





This one is a result of being in the right location, properly developed and priced to sell fast.  The sellers are overloaded and need cash.

Toll-free 1`888 581 1786
Costa Rica 506 2293 2446
WhatsApp +1 506 8820 56 

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