Where to retire in Costa Rica

a Guide to many locations in Costa Rica 
find Many very good choices –   REFERENCE REGIONS

where to retire in costa rica regions mapGuide of the Regions for-
Where to Retire in Costa Rica 

Central Valley
South Pacific

North Pacific
Lake Arenal
Caribbean Coast

Your Choice of where to retire in Costa Rica will be governed by various key factors or some combination of them.

Young, early retirement – I am not suggesting the following is always the correct long term decision.  Some folks who choose to retire it in their 50s or even younger often choose Costa Rica beach property which is a wonderful experience.  Living in a Costa Rica Beach House will come with a large number of visitors which allows the showing off of a new offshore lifestyle.

Coastal choices

North pacific Costa Rica Retirement Properties

Where to Retire in Costa Rica – North Pacific REGION 1

Grande  Samara

Where to Retire in Costa Rica – South Pacific REGION 3

South  Pacific Costa Rica Real Estate –

Where to Retire in Costa Rica – Central Pacific REGION 2
Manuel AntonioEsterillos BejucoJaco Beach –Herradurra – Punta Leona

 where to retire in costa ricaWhere to Retire in Costa Rica
North Pacific REGION 1
here will you find a country that enjoys such a high brand throughout the world or more friendly people set in a fiercely guarded democracy.

Single or married folks are abundantly represented in the Costa Rica Retirement population.  There are many Costa Rica Retirement properties both coastal and inland that offer a perfect lifestyle for this segment.  Everything from extended education, volunteer services, active expat communities and more are available. If you are a nice person, you may even find a mate.

colsta rica retirment best locations




Where to Retire in Costa Rica – Central Valley Region 4 Mountain towns
AtenasGreciaPuriscalSan Ramon

Where to Retire in Costa Rica – Central Valley Region 4 Mountain townsEscazuSanta Ana –  BelenHerediaSan Jose

Healthy lifestyles surface quickly when people seek Costa Rica Retirement Real Estate.  For those already practicing good habits,  it can easily be continued.  For those with pre-existing conditions, hosing where to retire in Costa Rica is an important consideration. The public health system is excellent, albeit slow for elective things).  Pre-existing ailments are covered 100%. The public care centers vary from small clinics to major hospitals dotted throughout Costa Rica. The location should be a major consideration depending on the seriousness of the illness and care required.

Religious needs is also a factor that can combine with any of the foregoing.  Most major religions are practiced in Costa Rica.  Roman Catholic is the highest percentage.  You will find, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, All denominations, Buddist and various others. Please contact us for a guide to areas where your religion has places of worship. toll-free 1 888 581 1786.

Lifestyle is, of course, a major consideration where to retire in Costa Rica.  Here is a brief and Synoptic sampling to consider.
Active seeking nightlife locations

Costa Rica is loaded with this category as the following offer choices of restaurants, bars, gymnasiums, expats, nightclubs and more.

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties has served the re\\\retirement and Vacation home markets since 2001.  We know how to make it easy for you.  We cover all regions with full-service and top people throughout.

Make it easy to find WHERE TO RETIRE IN COSTA RICA – go HERE and let’s begin the process. If you prefer, call toll-free i 288 581 1786 and set an appointment with Robert Shannon for our free interview to help identify if Costa Rica is right for you.

On Board – Once we begin, you will never find better service or qualified people to guide you in both the Real Estate and the lifestyle aspects of identifying the best locations and properties to choose from.

where to retire in costa rica



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