2 Storey For Sale in Puriscal, Puriscal

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•  344 sqm , 2 bath , 1 half bath , 3 bdrm 2 storey “Master suite on 1st floor” FOR SALE  USD339,000 .

A place to enjoy life with a luxury feel but casual enough to be very comfortable

This property is perfect as it has the master suite on the first floor and features two very
private and apart bedrooms on the second floor. They share a nice sized sitting room that
can be equipped with a small refrigerator and stove/or Microwave. A separate entrance
seals it off perfectly.
Rent them casually or make it a business and enjoy meeting folks from all over the worls.

High-Speed Internet
Spring fed Tilapia Pond
Walking Trails
Maintained 250-acre Gated Community
3,100 feet elevation
2017 property taxes only $650.00
Community Pool Club
Puriscal is one of Costa Rica’s nicest mountain areas. The main town, Santiago
is a bustling little place with a population of about 9000. It has a recently built new
Hospital, good Banks and service.

The Pacific Beaches are 1 hour and 15 minutes away and the International Airport is 1 hour and
15 minutes.

Sell off a1 acre lot and the net price will become $60,000 less.

Property information

What it Costs to retire in Costa ricv

The perfect buying scenario

•  5000 sqft, 5 bath , 5 bdrm single story – FOR SALE  USD330,000 . OceReduced from $425 – 25 min to Jaco Beach

This is a very real price discount opportunity. For personal reasons, the business had to cease and the property was rtented until it is sold. The business concept canbe regained very fast. It was a good one and nicely profitable.

Gracious B&B 25 minutes to Jaco – Ocean view _ Lush Vegetation_
This is a beautifully maintained operation with all the amenities one could desire for a very successful Bed and Breakfast. The property feature

A beautifully planed main home sets up the perfect B&B setting with its four great suites and a private sitting area and balcony. Each has a private access area. The owner bedroom is separate.

The main level offers large, open living areas with vaulted ceilings, a custom kitchen, walk-in pantry, powder room, and wrap-around terrace with stunning ocean, mountain, and garden views.  There is a huge covered double car carport that has been converted to a beautiful yoga or workshop platform

The addition of the private 1 bedroom 1 bath guest house with kitchenette, living room, and front porch increases rental flexibility and will add to ROI nicely.

This is a very tastefully planned asset for this beautiful property.

WORKSHOPFor Yoga or group training, there is an incredible area established just for that.

The property features landscaping in touch with Costa Rica. From all areas, trails cross through the gardens to the pool.

This is a unique opportunity. It is rare that a B and B has this kind of proximity to everything that tourists look for.. Jaco Beach is only 25 minutes, Airport 40, large town for all needs 10min. , the capital with its marvelous malls, healthcare, restaurants, and clubs is also only 45.
Opportunity is unlimited as the property is large and has great characteristics for may concepts.

Lifestyle and Costa Rica Experience.
Beautiful typical Costa Rica foliage and fauna all over. See the Ocean, experience Jungle and see toucans, Monkeys and more.

This is being rented by a special business group developing and Eco project in the general area. Visit to the property can be arranged.

Sorry, there is really nothing more to say. The next move is to see it for yourself. There is nothing like it.

Property information

What to look for when buying a retirement home


Retire in Costa Rica

What to look for when buying a retirement home and how to spend the second part of your life, you need to know “What To Look For When Buying A Retirement Home?”  Much depends on age, health, lifestyles, and visitors.

From our experience, the basic things that are a must:

  1. Value property
  2. Within 1.5 hours of an international Airport (when many visitors are likely)
  3. Good climate (for those above 65)
  4. Gated and secure (mainly if you like to travel)
  5. Proximity to malls, supermarkets, healthcare.
  6. Low HOA

BEST SCENARIO IS to rank 5 of 5 (includes all of the above)

The list can go on but, these need to be addressed for Costa Rica Retirement. In formulating what to look for when buying a retirement home, the majority of people 65 and over will mainly choose the spring-like climate of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. All major shopping of every kind is found here. Major world-class healthcare, universities for an extra course like Spanish and much more.

If your plan is to extend or, augment your education, you should add universities to what to look for when buying a retirement home. The other thing many folks like is to be within 1 hour of the beaches – add this as well.

Costa Rica Retirement Real Estate is abundant in the Central Valley due to the popularity of the area and its services. Here you may browse 100s of properties for sale in the popular towns.

” 5 RANK” PROPERTIES of what to look for when buying a retirement home

Costa rica rertirement
GRECIA – Central Valley
Home $129,950
See it here


GRIFO ALTO – Central Valley
Home $159,000

See it here


SANTIAGO – Central Valley
Home $369,000

See it here



ATENAS – Central Valley
Home $369,000

See it here



Costa Ricva Development Propertieswhere to retire in costa ricaSee All Regions
Lake Arenal
Central Pacific
Central Valley
South Pacific
North Pacific

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Where to retire in Costa Rica Guide defining the best options for you

 where to retire in costa rica




Where to locate in Costa Rica was easy for me.

For me to decide on where to retire in Costa Rica was governed by a few things that comprise part of my life needs. I wanted a great golf course, friendly people, a spring-like climate and a nice area. At the time, the choices for spring-like climate golf courses were limited to where I bought as the choice was only ONE 18 hole championship style course.. Today there are two 18 hole and three 9 hole courses.

Costa Rica is full of microclimates. Folks seeking to retire here are divided on their desires to live inland with spring-like climate or on the beaches with the warm climates that, provide them the activities they desire. The following information will help and guide you in understanding where to retire in Costa Rica. Spring-like climate popular towns
Atenas – Grecika – Puriscal – San Ramon – Cariari

ATENAS option – where to retire in Costa Rica





Climate – Spring-like weather all year. A bit warmer in the town itself. Accu weather HERE
Topography – mountainous.  Access paved Distances: 30 mins. To International Airport SJO Here (for airlines) The Pacific beaches are only 50 minutes and major healthcare and shopping which are world-class can be found 30 minutes away.

For Vacation homes: Excellent choice with many ex-pats from around the world
For Retirement property – Excellent with many ex-pats living there full time

See many Atenas Properties for sale HERE


 GRECIA option –  where to retire in Costa Rica





Climate: Spring-like weather most of the year. See Accu weather HERE
Topography – mountainous.  Access paved
Distances: 30 mins. To International Airport SJO Here (for airlines) One hour to the capital, San Jose where you will find major healthcare and shopping which are world-class.  Alajuela only 30 minutes also offers major shopping. The Pacific beaches are only 1 hour 15 minutes.
For Vacation homes: Excellent choices with many ex-pats from around the world For Retirement property – Excellent with many ex-pats living there full time

See many Grecia Properties for sale HERE


  PURISCAL option –  where to retire in Costa Rica






Climate –  Spring-like weather most of the year. Retains more green. It has its hot days but generally very nice. See Acu weather HERE. International airport 1hr. 10 See Here for flights.
Topography – mountainous.  Access paved
Low living costs and has some of the most beautiful mountains in Costa Rica.    Distances: 40 mins. To the capital, San Jose, 1 hour 15 min, to the  International Airport SJO Here (for airlines) The Pacific beaches are only 1 hr 10 min. Major healthcare and shopping which are world-class can be found 40 minutes away.
For Vacation homes: Excellent choice with many ex-pats from around the world.
For Retirement property – Excellent with many ex-pats living there full time.
Puriscal Properties are among some of our favorites for retirement in Costa Rica. It is also an area with a focus on permaculture, large lots in gated communities,

See many Pyeiscal properties for sale HERE


SAN RAMON option –  Where to retire in Costa Rica




Climate: Spring-like weather most of the year.  It has its hot days but generally very nice. See Acu weather HERE.    International airport 1hr. 10 See Here for flights.

RicaSee many San Ramon properties for sale HERE


where to retire in costa rica

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties – countrywid=dem  covers it all.  For the early retirement and very active types. Costa Rica is perfect.  You can find very high activity locations, laid back and something in between.  The southern region of Costa Rica has many features becoming to retirement such as not being over as commercial. The northern beaches have more to offer in terms of activity and include the international airport.

Today, we will focus on the northern region.  Here, you will find beautiful white sand beaches, good surfing, active nightlife, international airport, loads of water activities from Surfing to Depp Sea Fishing.

You will find the climate hot and humid.  It is offset by the miles of many incredible white sand beaches.

TAMARINDO option –  Where to retire in Costa Rica





This is a magnificent area to Retire in Costa Rica.  Information for the tows mentioned above will have similar climates and distances.  We will use an average as some are closer to key points than others.

Distances: 40 mins.to the international airport. Major healthcare 40 minutes. The cap[ital of San Jose, 3 hours. Supermarkets, restaurants, bars, nightlife, tours of all kinds, surfing and, much more are available in most of these towns. When considering this is a choice of where to retire, you are going to find many ex-pats, small tightly knit communities for friendships and a very busy area of the country.
Climate sees Acu weather HERE.  Access is all paved to the towns for the most part.

For retirement, it is great if you are part of the beach crowd.
For Vacation home (snowbird) itis perfect as you will be pleased with the income when not in use. To the capital, San Jose, 3 hours.

See many Tamarindo Parties for sale HERE   Plus a Gold Coast rea towns

Choosing the best locations and properties for the second half of your life is so important.  Costa Rica offers so many choices.  Be sure to give it the proper thought and time.

where to retire in costa rica








costa rica retirement ;ocatiions

See Properties in  all Regions 

and their Popular Towns

 Caribbean CoastCoastal
  Central Valley – Spring-like
  Central Pacific  – Coastal
  North Pacific –  Coastal
  Lake Arenal –  Spring-like
South Pacific – Coastal

San Ramon home for $189,000.. the perfect A Costa Rica Retirement Dream


Where to retire in Costa rica

When thinking about where to retire in Costa Rica, the popular central valley areas that we hear about include Atenas, Grecia, San Ramon, and Puriscal.   One place that qualifies very well is Naranjo. See Map Here.  Note first comes Naranjo, then Palmares, then, San Ramon.  San Ramon is the very popular choice of where to retire in Costa Rica.  It is only 10 to 15 minutes further out so its services facilities and, expat community can be every accessible to Naranjo residents.  More, Naranjo is closer to the International Airport and San Jose.

Find out why you should consider Naranjo as a choice of where to retire in Costa Rica.

Naranjo Home For Sale $189,000

One floor plan
2 bedrooms detached
2453 sq feet
1.25-acre lot
16-foot ceilings
Open floor plan
Nice courtyard
Gas service
Utilizes include Internet, water

Plusses – Nd electric $145 monthly, Nice climate all year.  See More

For newcomers and those just starting out, where to retire in Costa Rica a major consideration.  Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties has been specializing in Retirement since 2001.

We can make it very easy for you as we are countrywide with loads of historical data on clients that have already made the move.  A good start is tom LET US HELP.  Start HERE.

You may also wish to browse popular Costa Rica Retirement locations that offer the low-humidity good climate features.

 A Costa Rica Retirement Dream

Popular Costa Rica
Central Valley Mountain towns
San Ramon

See all REgions of CostaRrica HERE

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Costa Ricva Development Propertieswhere to retire in costa rica

Cheap Costa Rica Development Properties

Cheap  Costa Rica Development Properties

Price, Quality and, Service

Pick 2 out of the three because it doesn’t compute all three if you expect to earn a decent return.  That doesn’t mean you need to give up.  Often a little compromise is the best approach. to buy  Cheap  Costa Rica Development Properties.  Read on…..


This is the Ultimate Guide On How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate

Everything is timing, being in the right place and, having the funds at your disposal.  If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with people marketing properties in the area of interest, you will be considered early when good deals arise. There are many regions to consider when buying Costa Rica Development Properties.  Here is a simple but excellent case for a safe and successful purchase.

Here is a real sampling of only 2 of the 3,  (PRICE  AND QUALITY)

Costa Rica Development Properties



Offered at $395K about $50K per lot.
Just submit your plan and build it.

Costa Rica Development Properties

What is Missing  – SERVICE
OR, IS IT.???  Consider the location of the property.  – From the Atenas exit (the most popular retirement location) on highway 27, continue 10 minutes more and, turn into the project.

Atena, the very popular retirement location, is is all out of quality, large homesites.  More, you cannot build on a new lot as the water situation has reared it’s ugly head.  Permits are not being granted/ for any new construction on vac and lots.

Summary – So we only got Price and Quality.  As you can see, a little compromise by going 10 minutes further, we sneak Service in the back door.

People love this area. It is close to the Pacific beaches, Escazu in the capital with world-class healthcare and every kind of shopping restaurants and bars.  The international airport is only about 40 minutes as well.


Is Costa Rica Real Estate a good investment?

To answer this consider the following…

If you can buy the 8 large Homesites 10 minutes past the very exit to the very popular town of Atenas and 40 minutes top the Pacific Beaches, 30 minutes to world-class healthcare, major shopping, and International Airport then,

Do the math

  • If you offer the lots at $100,000 in a market that still demands this quality of homesite and amenities
  • You earn approximately $350K net in less than 2 years or less.,

With a little patience and if you buy cheap Costa Rica Development Properties, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Apart from the large brand Costa Rica is worldwide, that alone does not ensure a good investment.  All the norms have to be applied to astute investing in Costa Rica like elsewhere in the world.  If you seek Costa Rica Retirement,  there are many benefits here as opposed to many other destinations. For more on this, you may wish to take advantage of our free interview that will help identify is Costa Rica Is Right For You.  Toll-free for appointment 1 888 581 1786.  This can be very helpful and full of information.

If you like the idea of owning a Costa Rica Vacation Property, this is an excellent option. We have many great regions and towns and in one of these, you will find your perfect fit.  If you are new and need help to find a vacation home, use this form.  We make it easy as we are countrywide.

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a countrywide full-service Real Estate Company serving all regions. This has been our business model since 2001.

Costa Ricva Development Propertieswhere to retire in costa rica





This one is a result of being in the right location, properly developed and priced to sell fast.  The sellers are overloaded and need cash.

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Seven unit apartment building close to Marina in Quepos $289K

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This is the perfect Costa Rica vacation property location.  Nothing can be better than to have Pez Vela near and the Mmanual Antonio park so close.  Manuel Antonio has the highest visitor rate in Costa Rica.

Seven unit apartment building close to Marina $289,000


Sueño la Palma Apartments in Quepos are within close proximity to Quepos (2km), the new upscale. marina (Pez Vela) excellent restaurants and the famous beaches and National Park of Manuel Antonio. Buses and taxis are readily available and within walking distance

Two-story apartment building with 4 studio apartments upstairs and 2 studio and 1 two-bedroom unit available downstairs totaling approximately 390 sq. meters (4200 sq.ft.) of the living area. All furnishings included.
There are approximately 47 sq. meters (500 sq. ft.) of porches and balconies with the option to expand with another apartment in open space under the upper units totaling approximately 50 sq. meters (540 sq. ft.). The lot size is 1132 sq. meters (0.28 acres). Current rental pricing varies depending on season between $45-$60 per day, $245-$340 per week and $575-$800 per month. Three of the upstairs units have A/C installed.

The total building maintenance support and utilities including the internet, cable, electricity, and water are approximately $600 per month. Rental profits of between $20,000 – $29,000 easily achievable and potential for more. Stay in one unit and make a profit from renting the others. Expats looking to relocate and get residency! This is a perfect property for investment to meet financial residency requirements. As an option, an additional 1002 sq. meter (0.25 acre) adjoining lot is available to expand in the future.

Very near Pez Vela Marina

Seven unit apartment building close to Marina Pez Vela

ASKIN PRICE: US$289,000  for apartments

With extra lot
US$329,000 INCLUIDINQ 2134 m2 lot (2 LOTS )

See property and detail’s here

See Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Real Estate

Bungalow For Sale in Manuel Antonio $170,000

Photo Link

Bungalow For Sale in Manuel Antonio

Tropical Gardens Bungalows in Manuel Antonio is newly renovated two-story bungalow is located in a popular residential development of Manuel Antonio and is one of sixteen units nestled among the tropical gardens and rustic A-frame bungalow measures 800 square feet and has a bedroom on the top floor with high sloping ceilings, wooden beams, and leads out to a deck overlooking the jungle below.

It is difficult to fin Bungalow For Sale in Manuel Antonio at this good price

The downstairs has a kitchen, a built-in bar, a breakfast nook, living area, and an office. Located near the bungalow there is a large swimming pool and barbecue ranch area.

A bungalow is a great option for anyone looking to get into the Manuel Antonio Real Estate area at a fraction of the price.

Property information

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Real Estate

where to retire in costa rica

Mountain Home For Sale in Santiago on 1.25 Acres

Photo Link

Mountain Home For Sale in a great location

If you seek a  Costa RicaMountain Home for sale that most people are looking for, check this out…. 

  • Good quality home
  • Under $200,000
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Gated
  • Low HOA fees ($25 per month)
  • Low taxes (approximately $275 annually)Now!
  • 1.25 acres of land
  • Ten minutes to all you need
  • Thirty-five more to Escazu (the capital)
  • Views

Where to Retire in Costa Rica

Fist, use the checklist above and check all boxes.  Next, find a place that doesn’t have the high-traffic. Consider healthier lifestyles where you can grow your own fruits and veggies, keep a few hens and even a horse for riding. Look for the best climate with low humidity in a very scenic mountain area.

A Really good Value Costa Rica Home for sale

This is an exceptional property in Santiago de Puriscal as it has 2365 square feet on 1.25 acres in a quiet community and near to al you will ever need.    It is hard to find Costa Rica Properties For Sale like this one anywhere.

If one can find a Costa Rica Home for sale close to a town like this and with all these amenities, then it should be place it high on he list for a retirement location.

Home features

• Double garage
• Large patio
• Central Valley views
• In a 70-acre coffee plantation
• Located in Bajo Burgos
• 6KM east of Santiago de Puriscal
• Quiet and peaceful
1 hour Escazu or Santa Ana
• 1 hour to the Pacific Ocean
1 hour to the international airport
• Walking trails

See all details and Property information


See the town of Santiago

Where to Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica presents many very good options.  Choose from the beach, mountain, city and, inland locations.  A good location depends on your personal financial situation and objectives.  Many beach areas come with a premium in cost to live in CostaRrica as well as high humidity weather.  For many, this is an anon issue.  If you fit into the budget constraint group, you may wish to look seriously at this offering.

Cost to live in Costa Rica

This home is located in a lower cost of living area.  This is fueled by lower taxes, low maintenance, and HOA fees. It is a very popular agriculture area promoting gardens and farmer markets.

Costa Rica Properties For Sale

A Mountain Home For Sale with one acre of coffee


Manuel Antonio Luxury Property For Sale $495K

Photo Link

Manuel Antonio Luxury Property For Sale $495,000

Beautiful 3 bedrooms and Baths

MANUEL ANTONIO Costa Rica Luxury Properties inventory

2700 sq. feet, 3 Bedroom units, spectacular ocean views, fully furnished, elegant finishes. $495,000 – $920,000s

4300 sq. feet, 2 story, 4 bedroom penthouses, breath-taking two-sided ocean views, fully furnished, elegant finishes. $1,750,000

Beach Resort & Spa provides you with the opportunity for luxurious oceanfront living, with nature right outside your door. Imagine the combination of 5-star services and the Costa Rican rainforest, along with a plethora of Costa Rican wildlife for your neighbors. You’ll love the location, as many of the country’s top attractions are just minutes away.

Manuel Antonio

Every Unit has an elegant ocean view and comes fully furnished with Bali-style appointments. On-site property management will be top-notch and owners and guests will enjoy access to a secluded beach club at the bottom of the unique property.


ee this Manuel Antonio  Luxury Property information $495K

See Manuel Antonio Luxury Property Here